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Building Genuine Connections at the Workplace
Cherry Moran, URC Head of Sales, on how to bring out the best in yourself and your colleagues
Mar 21, 2024

In today's fast-paced business world, success hinges not just on individual talent but on the power of genuine connection. At Universal Robina Corporation, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment is key to unlocking the full potential of their people.

The Power of Connection

Cherry Moran, URC's head of sales, is leading the charge in this people-centric approach. With a rich and diverse background spanning Pharmaceuticals to various FMCG roles, Cherry brings a unique perspective to the table. Her journey, however, is a testament to the importance of building genuine connections within a company. 

"When I heard the name URC, what always came to mind is what I hear from people— that they have malasakit for people and that it is alive. It's not just preaching; it's alive in everyone's hearts." 

Even from her first interactions within the company, Cherry felt the warmth and acceptance that epitomized URC's culture. "In my first week, I already felt the malasakit because people would ask me 'How are you?' and 'Do you have someone to eat with?'" She adds, "[There was] genuine care to help and get me assimilated not just the work but also with [the people, team, and culture.]" 

Leading with Authenticity and Open Communication 

Now turning five years working in the company, Cherry found that fostering a culture of authenticity and open communication are crucial elements that have led to her and her team's continuous growth and empowerment. "The content of our conversations is getting to know them, what motivates them to go to work," she explains. This vulnerability and openness build trust and empower team members to contribute their best.

One thing that will set you apart is your authenticity," she advises. To be an anchor for her team, Cherry also recognizes that being a leader requires modeling her authentic self, whether in posture, gesture, or words, to communicate calm and optimism. Although Cherry believes she is a continuing work in progress, she acknowledges that there is power in owning your mistakes, voicing your ideas, and staying true to your individuality and integrity that resonates with people—which she continuously encourages in her team and colleagues. 

"You have to recognize yourself and like who you see in the mirror to stay true to your identity," she added.

Nurturing Diverse Talent

URC thrives on the richness of its diverse workforce thanks to incredible, unique minds collaborating for a unified goal. Cherry highlights the company's commitment to recognizing talent, ideas, and positive behavior, regardless of gender or position. "This company enables people to live in an environment where they don't have to think about the biases that society has imposed upon us," she says.

After all, fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas leads to better collaboration and innovation. "In the sales team, we have this favorite mantra: 'progress over perfection,'" Cherry reveals. This philosophy resonates deeply with her team, fostering a sense of smooth work harmony. As long as they're constantly moving forward, even if they haven't reached their ultimate goal, it's still considered progress.

URC's commitment to open communication and fostering genuine connections empowers employees at all levels. Cherry's story exemplifies how this people-centric approach can lead to individual and company-wide success. By creating a space where everyone feels valued and heard, you're playing your part in a future fueled by collaboration, innovation, and the power of genuine connection. 

For more information on URC and its exciting opportunities, visit its official website and follow its Facebook page. 

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