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About Us


Universal Robina Corporation's (URC) focus is to help improve the quality of life by supporting activities that contribute to education and youth development. It is because of this advocacy that the company partnered with Dynamic Teen Company, Inc. (DTC) for one of its philanthropic endeavors. DTC, an organization headed by 2009 CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida, exists to promote literacy to the disadvantaged by providing them guidance until they progress in their career and be productive contributors of society. URC has been supporting DTC since 2012 through its participation in several projects such as the Kariton Revolution, Kantina Kariton, and the sponsorship of the DTC Learning Center.

Kariton Klasrum

It all started with the modest kariton (pushcart). Efren Penaflorida's mobile Kariton Klasrum hits the busy streets with the goal of providing holistic education, health and values initiative for the out-of-school youth. Volunteers park their kariton filled with learning materials and sanitation supplies on the streets and encourage out-of-school youth to participate in the classes. Now, the Kariton Revolution has expanded into an alternative classroom program that tackles the 7 Ks: Karunungan (education), Kabataan (youth), Kalusugan (health), Kapayapaan (peace and order), Kalinangan (arts and culture), Kalikasan (environment), and Kabuhayan (livelihood).

Helping DTC with this endeavor, URC donated Kantina Kariton mobile snack carts to DTC. The carts are filled with URC products which are distributed to students during breaks from their classes.

Kariton Revolution

The Kariton Revolution was brought about by one of its young members, Cris "Kesz" Valdez. Through this event, DTC celebrates volunteerism and positive change. The event features different activities such as concerts for teachers, volunteerism themed contests, parade of karitons and motorcades.

URC has been supporting the Kariton Revolution since 2011. Last 2014, URC's newly launched Food Trucks joined DTC's push for change in the third year of Kariton Revolution. URC's Jack 'n Jill and C2 Cool and Clean food trucks gave out various treats during the Kariton Karavan (Parade of Pushcarts). The recently launched food trucks along with a sampling booth also offered snacks and drinks during the event held right after the parade.

URC Learning Center

Taking the relationship one step further, URC sponsored the construction of the 2nd floor of DTC's Red Building. The newly opened area called URC Learning Center has a classroom fully furnished with chairs, desks, whiteboards, and book shelves for incoming 9th and 10th grade students. There is also an office where volunteer teachers can prepare their lessons, as well as a Science laboratory. Adding more fun and creativity to these new learning spaces are walls adorned with murals of URC brands such as Refresh, C2 Cool and Clean, Payless Instant Mami and Jack 'n Jill Knots, Chiz Curls, Magic Flakes, Wafrets, Fun Fries and Roller Coaster.