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Award-Winning TopBreed Provides Top-notch Care For Your Dogs
TopBreed has won the World Branding Award four times!
Apr 8, 2024

Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) dog food brand TopBreed is flexing serious muscles, having bagged its fourth consecutive “Brand of the Year Award in the Dry Kibble Category, National Tier” from the London-based awarding body, World Branding Awards, 2024.

Developed by renowned veterinarian, Nielsen Donato, and URC’s Agro-Industrial Group, TopBreed faced public valuation, public online voting, and consumer market research to secure the award. According to Richard Rowles, Global Chairman of the World Branding Forum: “As consumer votes constitutes 70 percent of the final score, winners of the awards must have strong brand recall, top-of-mind awareness, and trust among their consumers. Those brands truly resonate with the public.”

Its fourth win proves that TopBreed meant it when it set out to give the Filipino pet community a top quality product with top value for money that can compete with international brands.

“We’re proud to be recognized by an international award-giving body as Brand of the Year for 4 consecutive awarding years. We are grateful to all our consumers and to all our business partners for this immense trust and support,” said URC Chairman Lance Y. Gokongwei. 

“It speaks a lot about quality, expertise, and unparalleled customer service. We will continue to find better ways to serve the Filipino pet community by bringing in top quality products with top value for money. We also assure our consumers that we are their partner in giving top care to their pets. We will continuously rally for responsible pet ownership and promote top love for pets. I am very confident that our TopBreed brand can deliver all these.” 

He added, “Our high-quality pet food is consistent with URC’s purpose as a company, which is to delight everyone with good food choices. This holds true for all our loved ones, including our furbabies.” 

Doc Nielsen, animal care expert and one of the founders of Vets in Practice, has been TopBreed’s partner for a decade. “I get prouder every time I hear positive news about the brand,” he said.

“I was part of the development of this product to guarantee its quality and performance with our dogs.  At the start, it was quite a challenge to break the notion that when it's a local brand it's inferior, but I think we have surpassed this and have proven the quality of this product.” 

Doc Nielsen added, “I have different breeds and sizes of dogs. I feed them TopBreed and I see the very good effects on them.”

In celebration of its win and our shared love for our pets, TopBreed gives top-notch care tips to help our furriest family members reach prime health.

Tip 1: Ensure top-notch nutrition.

Our canine companions’ diet plays a significant role in their overall health and well-being. Proper nutrition can impact vitality, coat condition, energy level and immune system function.

But let’s face it: high-quality pet food can get expensive! Seeing Filipino fur parents struggle with the costs of good pet food drove URC’s Agro-Industrial Group to develop an affordable alternative that offers top nutrition. 

The team worked on developing a tasty, well-balanced kibble that cares for dogs’ heart, skin, and coat. It also strengthens their immune system and promotes quality stool. They found their winning formula when Doc Nielsen’s skinny dog, Shiba, weighed well. It was Shiba’s first time responding to a pet food, having tried local, international, and high-priced brands. 

“If I’m going to endorse a product, it should be something I believe in. My colleague even told me we’re now the leading local pet food, even beating some imported brands,” Doc Nielsen said.

Tip 2: Get them to exercise consistently. 

When a dog’s always inactive, they can get depressed. Regular activity keeps your dogs in shape physically and mentally. They’re like us; they get happy hormones from exercise, so be generous! Let your pets walk, run, swim, or play fetch or frisbee with you.

Your dog’s exercise needs depend on its breed. Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds need high levels of exercise; Shih Tzus, Bull Dogs, and Pugs need less. Check your pet’s breed, then customize their daily exercise. Be consistent—this is key! 

Tip 3: Prevent illnesses with regular veterinary care.

Schedule annual checkups—like yearly tune-ups for your furbabies’ well-being. Regular consultations with your vet help you detect and prevent potential health issues. More importantly, it can save you from huge expenses down the road.

Tip 4: Tune in regularly to their mental and emotional frequency.

Have you seen sad dogs? Like us, dogs have emotional and mental needs. Responsible parenting considers this aspect of pet care. 

Improve your pets’ mental health by learning your dogs’ body language so you can respond to their needs. Stimulate them with brain-exercising games like puzzle toys or teaching them tricks. Give them time to socialize. Make sure they have a comfortable home. Don’t leave them alone for long periods. And as mentioned earlier, add daily exercise into their routine.

Tip 5: Keep them fresh and tidy.

Good hygiene can help keep coats gleaming and tails wagging. 

Give your furry friends baths, and it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian on the frequency of a full bath as this can be dependent on factors like dog breed, coat type, and health conditions. Best to also opt for gentle and moisturizing shampoos like URC’s ShamPooch.

You can also try wiping your dog’s fur with gentle pet wipes for mild cleansing. Daily brushing can help rid fur of dirt and debris.

A commitment to top care

Prioritize these key areas—nutrition, exercise, preventive care, mental stimulation, and hygiene—to ensure that your furbabies are getting top love.

Additionally, consider giving them an acclaimed dog food brand like TopBreed to guarantee that they’re getting top-notch care, too!

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