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URC's Chill Sparkling Spirit set to disrupt alcoholic beverages market
Chill Spiked Spirit is a refreshing drink that has zero trans fats, no artificial sweetener, and with real fruit extracts
Aug 24, 2022

Universal Robina Corp. (URC) is expanding into the spiked spirit category with a new product that is set to disrupt the Philippine alcoholic beverages market.

“Chill Spiked Spirit will offer a refreshing, laidback drinking experience with just the right kick, minus the heavy feeling,” said URC Chief Marketing Officer Mian D. David.

David said more people are now looking for the same relaxing, light, personal moments they experienced when drinking at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In URC, our purpose is to delight consumers with better food and beverage choices. Chill is an embodiment of that purpose. It’s a delightful drink that’s refreshing and delicious. It’s better than others because it contains real fruit juice and just the right level of alcohol plus zero added sugar."

URC forays into the alcoholic beverage market with Chill Spiked Spirit, a refreshing drink that has zero trans fats, no artificial sweetener, and with real fruit extracts.

Chill Spiked Spirit contains 5-percent double-distilled alcohol, real fruit extract, and soda water. This means it has the same alcohol strength, but with a more refreshing taste.

It has no artificial sweetener and with zero trans fats, eliminating that heavy feeling in the gut that beer drinkers feel.

Spiked spirits, hard seltzers, and other similar beverages have been disrupting the global beer category. They now account for a 6-percent share of the alcoholic beverages market in the United States.

In 2018, the category was worth US$500 million. By 2023, that is projected to soar to US$3 billion.

Chill Spiked Spirit will be available in 330-ml cans at a suggested retail price of P51 each. It will come in red apple, lemon lime, and lychee.

David is confident that with its resources, reputation, and history, URC will soon be making headway in the P252-billion alcoholic beverages market in the Philippines. A little over half of the market is still in beer, others are from spirits and other product categories.

“We are looking at young consumers of legal drinking age, who are authentic with their outlook and passionate with their calling, but who still know how to have fun. They like to let loose and unwind after a long day without going over the top,” said David.

URC is one of the Philippines’ biggest companies, with products found in nine out of 10 homes. It has top-selling brands in the snacks, candies, chocolates, coffee, and ready-to-drink tea categories.

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