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A Sweet Surprise from Jack 'N Jill Chiz Curls
Chiz Curls Sweet Cheese is the ultimate craving for both sweet-toothed folks and cheese lovers.

With its tasty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, Jack 'n Jill Chiz Curls is one of the snacks that cheese lovers have enjoyed throughout the years. Now, the well-loved corn curls brand takes on a sweeter flavour in its latest variant, Jack 'n Jill Chiz Curls Sweet Cheese.

Jack ‘n Jill Chiz Curls’ yummy cheese is perked up with a dash of sweetness to tease the taste buds. With its cheesy flavour and sweet surprise, these bite-sized nibbles are made to delight.

Whether enjoyed as baon for recess or a treat after class, these tasty little puffs are a joy to snack on, and even better shared with friends and playmates.

Get your CHIZ-y fix with Jack ‘Jill Chiz Curls Sweet Cheese. For only P6 (SRP), this yummy snack is available in leading supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide.

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