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Stretch your Love: How to send sweetness to your loved ones with social distancing
Make this day special for you and your special someone by sending gifts full of sweetness even from a distance. Let them know how much you’re thinking of them with these tips!
Mar 23, 2021

Expressing your sweetest feels to your special someone even with social distancing shouldn’t be too hard. In case you can’t spend your days together, you can send out simple yet meaningful gifts that they can cherish for the rest of time.

Stretch your love all the way to your loved ones by surprising them with these sweet ‘LDR’ gift ideas.


Succulents represent a lot of things, which varies in different cultures. The Native Americans see them as a representation for endurance and protection. For the Chinese, they believe succulents symbolize good fortune; while the Japanese use these as the perfect gift to reveal their love and romantic intentions for another person.

Get your sweet message across for your loved ones with a low-maintenance, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing plant.

Whole Day’s Meal

Even from afar, you and your special someone can share a meal together. Turn your planned date into a virtual one by sending meals to your loved ones. You can both enjoy a cup of Great Taste coffee for breakfast to go with bacon and eggs from Robina Farms. You can even be extra and cover merienda with Jack ‘n Jill snacks, and have a few bars of Cloud 9 for dessert. Order them their all-time favorites or make the more perfect if you find out what they’re craving for and arrange for a delivery right to their doorstep.

Invite them for a video call so you can enjoy the day together – virtually.

Personalized Photo Book

To show your special someone how much you miss your sweet moments together, you can do a photo book of your favorite images of each other. If you’re feeling creative and artsy, you can put together a small scrapbook and fill it with photos and love notes!

When you have this delivered, be prepared for waterworks in case your significant other is on the emotional side. This is a simple, yet very sentimental gift -- one that’s definitely made out of love.

Care Package

Nothing shows you care more for someone than encouraging them to care for themselves too! If your significant other doesn’t have their own skincare products yet, consider sending them skincare essentials so they can start building their regimen.

You can even personalize this care package based on your special someone’s comfort items – it can be a bottle or two of C2 Milk Tea, so they can easily quench their thirst for boba whenever. It can be a good idea to gift them scented candles or a bundle of their preferred essential oils that they can use for relaxation. You can even go for something as simple as a pack of their favorite Jack ‘n Jill biscuits and cakes! Whatever these items are, gifts that come from the heart are sure to make them see just how sweet you are!

Can’t go wrong with CHOCOLATES!

Chocolate is perfect for any occasion, especially for moments when you want to show your special someone how you feel. Since your dearest deserves the sweetest, let them know they put your heart on Cloud 9 with Cloud 9 chocolate bars. Choose from different flavors, or even send all! Through this gift, you’ll surely reach his or her heart!

Remember that it’s really the thought that counts so just make sure to let your special person know you’re thinking about them, enough to want to make him or her feel your sweetness. Cloud 9 wishes you and your loved ones sweet days even if you’re miles apart!

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