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How to Progress Your Professional Career While Still Maintaining Work-Life Balance
Jane Bernardo, URC Marketing Director, talks about making the most of any situation.
Mar 8, 2024

Jane Bernardo, Marketing Director at URC, is a testament to making the most of opportunities. Her journey began with a deep fascination with consumer behavior, a quality that fueled her marketing passion throughout her career.

From her early days in Indonesia to her current role as the Marketing Head of Universal Robina Corporation’s Agro-Industrial Group, Jane has consistently demonstrated the flexibility to thrive in diverse environments, all while fostering “work-life harmony.” 

Turning Passion into Profit

Back in college, Jane needed to support herself by taking summer jobs. One of them was being a promodizer for a major bookstore, pushing the sales of pens and helping it reach its sales target. This experience led to an important discovery about herself. “Na-experience ko yung fun of Marketing. Sabi ko, this is something I actually enjoy!” shared the UST alumnus.

By learning to observe consumer behavior on the job and utilizing her inherent creativity, Jane came up with solutions like changing the placement of the pens for more visibility, placing price signs so potential buyers can see the prices easily, and putting scratch pads beside the pens so buyers can try them out. With Jane’s help, the bookstore hit more than 100% of its target sales.

Jane’s success as a marketer became simpler because of one thing: she aligned her passion and her job, making work more fun and fulfilling.

Embracing the Challenge

Personal growth can be achieved at work. As such, Jane values environments that push her to think critically, solve problems creatively, and constantly hone her skills. This is why she was drawn to URC—a company that fosters a dynamic and challenging environment.

Jane first joined URC’s ranks not in the Philippines but in Indonesia. She had just retired from a job and was considering staying unemployed until an exciting opportunity presented itself in the form of URC’s headhunter at a church on a Sunday. “I got interested! At that time, URC had already launched C2, and I saw how aggressive they were in terms of innovation.” It was an environment that matched her hunger for improvement.

Since then, Jane has refined her skills in challenging roles, such as the Marketing Head of C2 and Ready-to-Drink URC Philippines, URC Snackfoods Regional Marketing Head, and even URC Thailand’s Marketing Head, before reaching her current role today. 

Harmony, Not Balance

Jane sheds light on a powerful concept: “I don’t use the word balance; I always say “work-life harmony. Because in reality, work and personal priorities constantly shift.”

Sometimes, work demands more focus, and open communication is key. Jane emphasizes informing loved ones about these demanding periods, ensuring they understand and feel included. She encourages finding pockets of connection, even during busy times—regular conversations over dinner or inviting family to her work events. Then, she reciprocates by creating space for her loved ones when the pendulum swings back.

Jane is strict with one thing. “I always tell my colleagues, in this company, we respect personal time.”

Knowing Your ‘Why’  

All jobs are stressful—this is where having a why helps. For Jane, her secret sauce was defining her "why and who” in terms of her career. This clarity acts as a compass, guiding her through career decisions and ensuring she aligns herself with roles that resonate with her core values.

“My purpose is to make a difference and honor the lessons and opportunities I received through the years. My who is my family.

“My who are also the consumers that I serve, this time, the Filipino people. In my current role as the Marketing Head of URC’s Agro-Industrial Group, one of my whys is to help ensure food security for Filipino people.” 

Jane Bernardo's journey inspires those seeking a fulfilling career path. She reminds us that we can excel professionally and build a life filled with purpose and satisfaction by embracing challenges, fostering work-life harmony, and staying true to one’s core values. With environments like URC that aim to foster a space that empowers its employees, talented individuals like Jane can flourish and contribute meaningfully in their chosen fields.

For more information on URC and its exciting opportunities, visit its official website and follow its Facebook pag. 

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