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Celebrate Vday Just for U: Self-Love Activities!
Make your Valentine’s Day a sweet celebration even when you’re spending it by yourself, with all these fun activities.
Feb 11, 2021

There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy Valentine’s Day to show yourself some tender loving care. You can be your own special someone and keep the Valentine’s going by giving yourself love and appreciation on this day. Turn Valentine’s day into something extra special for yourself and plan something fun; you can even dress up while you celebrate right at home!

Here are five fun and fulfilling activities to make Valentine’s Day your day.

Enjoy the ultimate movie/series marathon

The best thing about this activity is you can give in to your guilty pleasure movie or series! You don’t have to join in on the current trend. If chick flicks give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, then go for it. If serial killer documentaries are your comfort shows, then by all means, give it a go.

And to make it extra special, why not use a projector for that full-on makeshift movie house effect? If you don’t have a plain white wall to project the movie or series on, hang a white cloth or an old blanket on the wall and use that instead. Prepare your favorite Jack ’n Jill snacks, grab a cold bottle of C2, close the shutters, put the air-conditioner on full blast, and just deactivate from the outside world. You can stay in your own binge-watching bubble, even just for today!

Remember, this day is yours. Watch whatever you want, till you drop. You’ve got the whole 24 hours just for you to show yourself you heart you!

Awaken your handy dandy repair self

Everyone has a thing or two at home that chronically irritates them – from that loose hinge on the door, to the wobbly chair in the dining area. Maybe it’s that hideous chair of doom, otherwise known as the chair that holds a pile of your clothes. Whatever that is, give it to yourself to finally fix that up.

Finding a fix or better alternative for those small things that annoy you is a form of self love. Once you’re done fixing that, you can count on it to be one less thing to ruin your day in the future.


If you have your own bathtub, you can fill it up with bath bombs, scented essential oils, and even rose petals. Enjoy a relaxing warm bath while you pop open a bottle of wine, indulge on a pack of chocolate and listen to your favorite tunes.

If a bathtub is out of the question, you can always treat yourself into a day of lounging on bed or on your favorite spot in the couch, with your preferred sweets and snacks. Remember that it’s your day to slow down and relax.

Treat yourself to a tarot reading session

Life is full of surprises and there are times we feel more comfortable knowing what to expect in the future. If you’re hoping to gain perspective and guidance on certain things in your life, you can schedule a tarot reading session and learn about what the universe has to say regarding your fate.

If you’re on the lookout for a date for next year’s Valentine’s Day, you can also ask for a love themed reading. Keep an open mind and best to be prepared for surprises that may come your way!

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food - YUMMY CHOCOLATES!

This Hearts Day, more than feeding your tummy, go for full-on comfort! Indulge in the bittersweet goodness of Nips Dark Chocolate for the ideal comfort food. You can pair it up with a glass of wine, serve it (to yourself) with some fruits like bananas or strawberries, or even make your own choco-cheese platter with cheese slices, and yummy Nips Dark Chocolate!

It’s time to celebrate yourself this Hearts Day. Even though Valentine’s Day only happens once every year, you can always make your days fun and special by showing yourself appreciation and love.

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