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At-Home Pet Grooming Tips For Fur Parents
It’s possible to keep your furry friends groomed even under quarantine. Check out these tips from TopBreed ambassador Dr. Nielsen Donato!
Sep 4, 2020

It can be tempting to allow your furry friends to rock the “woke up like this” look with you as you stay indoors. We all know you’ll still love them regardless of how they look—and smell, right? But as responsible fur parents, it is ideal that we take care of them by ensuring they are well-groomed.

And with certain limitations of going out to visit your trusted groomer these days, the only way to go about this is to groom them at home and by yourself. This task may seem daunting, but with these tips, your pets can look and smell as great as they do just like after a visit to the groomer.

Determine your pet type

TopBreed ambassador Doctor Nielsen Donato with his furry pals

We don’t discriminate among pets here, but it’s important to determine your pet’s level of need for grooming. According to TopBreed ambassador Dr. Nielsen Donato, there are long-haired breeds that need more frequent grooming. There are also those with long ears that need more frequent ear cleaning compared to pets with erect ears. Get in touch with your vet to find out these tiny details, from your furry buddy’s hair or fur, to their ears, nails, mouth, even their eyes—especially their eyes.

Practice these dog bathing habits from Dr. Nielsen

TopBreed ambassador Doctor Nielsen Donato

Because we live in a tropical country, and the heat has gotten pretty harsh, the dog’s oil glands may secrete too much oil which can give them that oily feeling. You can verify this by stroking your dog and checking if dust is attached to their hair or fur. To address this, it’s ideal to bathe them once a week.

Usually warm water is ideal. However, if your dog is of a bigger breed and is prone to heatstroke (check if they pant a lot), bathe them with colder water instead. Here are important bathing steps and reminders to take note of:

Ideal Time



•  First thing in the morning. Ideally around 9-10 AM.

•  The regular bath should last for around 15-20 minutes.

•  Bathe their shoulders first, then slowly move on to the back.

•  For the head, it’s recommended to use a soaked towelette or a sponge. It’s important to remember that dogs with erect ears hate it when water enters their ears — which is usually the case when you bathe them using a hose.

•  When applying shampoo, use your hands and do it gently. To be sure you’re protecting their eyes from the shampoo, you can opt to use an eye ointment.

Let them get used to you grooming them

Your pets might find it surprising that you’re the one grooming them instead of their usual groomer. Similar to any sort of pet training, before their regular grooming session, practice positive reinforcement on them. Try giving them treats whenever they follow you into the shower room or their bathing area. If your pets still tend to be nervous after that, you may want to phone in a friend. Ask for advice from your veterinarian or your trusted pet groomer for way to restrain pets while grooming.

Choose the right shampoo

There are many ways to keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy. Give them essential fatty acids such as fish oil, keep them stress-free, groom them regularly, and use the right shampoo on them. Our most important tip when choosing a shampoo is to veer away from those with strong scents. Remember that most furry friends have a strong sense of smell. So if the scent of the shampoo is too strong, this will cause them to constantly sneeze. TopBreed’s ShamPooch has a mild citrus lavender scent which your pets will surely love.

Make TopBreed’s ShamPooch your new pet grooming companion

It also made of organic ingredients that are ideal for your best bud. It contains Madre de Cacao and Neem Extracts which contain antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. It also has Organic Glycerin that can help moisturize and nourish your dog’s skin; and Organic Keratin to help revive and protect the smoothness of your dog’s coat.

Remember You Have Limits

It can be exciting to finally unlock another achievement. However always remember that you’re not actually a groomer. So even if you want to go all out on grooming your pets during this quarantine period, always know your limits. It’s always best to speak with your veterinarian and trusted groomer before doing anything. You can even request for natural calming supplements to keep your pets calm while you groom them.

And when it comes to nail trimming and oral grooming, don’t try this at home if you’re not cleared by your vet!

Always remember that your pet’s physical well-being affects a huge part of their emotional well-being as well. So, don’t forget to keep them groomed and happy!

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