Agro-Industrial & Commodities (AIC)

The Agro-Industrial and Commodities group (AIC) is composed of Agro-industrial Group, Sugar and Renewables Group, and Flour and Pasta Division. It contributes to the company by 20%, in terms of revenue. As a vertically integrated business, AIC supports the branded consumer foods business through its end product such as sugar and flour.

Brand Architecture

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Our Divisions

Agro-Industrial Group (AIG)

URC-AIG continuously provides unparalleled value to its shareholders through its Kabalikat principles.

Robina Agri Partners sustained its position as the most profitable, fully integrated, and well-respected Agro-Industrial company in the Philippines providing high-quality tailor fitted products and services providing added value to its consumers in all its major categories namely: animal feeds, veterinary drugs, and agri consumer - hogs meat and poultry egg products.

The Robina Agri Partners business model of farm to fork has enabled synergies across segments resulting in lower cost and higher product performance for its customers. The value generated across the different functions has made Robina Agri Partners brand champions unique and innovative enabling it to address and improve the operations and eventually the lives of its Kabalikat partners and its communities.

Our Hogs Business

The Agri Consumer Group of Robina Agri Partners has continuously strengthened its position as a premium source of farm products through its brand, Robina Farm with its core communication of “Robina-Raised” and “Family Safe” products and pioneering position of ‘No Hormone and No Antibiotic residue guarantee.” As a result, Robina Farms has achieved premier status as the freshest & safest Hog Meat product available to both Hotel, Restaurants and Institutional accounts (HRI) and Filipino families.

Robina Agri Partners is the biggest single managed Hog Farm in the country with more than 250,000 pigs at any given time. The Hog Operation is still operated as a closed system wherein all critical facets of the operations, from Breeding, Growing, Fattening, Slaughtering, Meat fabrication and Meat processing are directly managed by the Hog operations team directly. This ensures the highest level of meat quality and safety.

All operational systems follow World class standards thus attaining globally accepted certifications such as Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) for the farm operations and AAA, GMP, and HACCP certification for the Slaughterhouse and Meat Fabrication plant.

Our Poultry Business

Our poultry business consists primarily of Layers. The Poultry operations follow strict international standards thus being certified as GAHP (Good Animal Husbandry Practice). Global brands such as Dekalb has also entrusted its distribution rights to Robina Agri Partners in the Philippines emphasizing its trust in the company’s high-quality standards.

The Robina Farm table egg brands have also captured the interest and loyalty of egg consumers with its No hormone, no antibiotic residue claim as well. This positioning has gained the confidence and trust of the largest bakeries in the country as well as households in the country. The increase in volume and acceptance of the Robina Farm Brand has triggered Robina Farms’ expansion of its commercial table egg production by 50% by 2019.

Our Feeds Business

Our branded feed and veterinary business have experienced significant growth this year with all Brand Champions registering growth year on year.

Uno + Hog feeds have proven to be the most efficient Hog feed in the country for hog raisers nationwide. Consequently, Supremo Smaxxx gamefowl superiority has again demonstrated its quality by having one of our Supremo Smaxxx Kabalikat Farms winning the coveted 2018 Bakbakan championship, besting thousands of entries coming from here and abroad. Lastly, TopBreed has established itself as one of the market leader in the Philippines under the Dog Food brand segment, harping on its TopCare.TopValue proposition.

Sugar and Renewables (SURE)

URC Sugar and Renewables Division (URC SURE), with its six (6) sugar mills, is now the largest manufacturer of raw sugar in the country, with a combined output accounting for 17% of the total domestic production for Crop Year 2018-2019. It has three (3) sugar refineries with an actual production of 2.6 million 50-kilo bags, making URC SURE the 3rd biggest refined sugar producer in the country. Two of its sugar mills, Passi and Tolong, produce premium raw sugar that caters to the demand of the consumer market. In 2018, several mills underwent upgrade of its facilities to increase milling capacity and improve efficiency.

In support of the governments’ program for utilization of renewable energy sources, URC SURE diversified into the production of high grade anhydrous ethanol for gasoline blending, using molasses which is a by-product in the manufacture of raw sugar from sugarcane as feedstock. The URC Distillery, located in Bais City Negros Oriental, has a capacity of 100,000 liter per day. The Distillery is the first in Southeast Asia to utilize a spent wash incineration boiler. A waste product in the manufacture of ethanol, the use of spent wash as fuel reflects the Company’s commitment to environmental compliance and a good example of waste-to-energy conversion.

In August 2017, the Distillery commenced commercial operation of CO2 recovery and liquefaction facility. The recovery of CO2 and its conversion to a useful product is one way of controlling emission of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere.

In its SONEDCO plant in Kabankalan Negros Occidental, the group operates the first biomass-fired power cogeneration plant utilizing state-of-the-art high pressure boilers. With bagasse – a waste product in sugarcane milling - as fuel, the facility generates 36 MW of power for its own use and for the national grid.

URC SURE is registered in the Department of Energy as a renewable energy developer of biomass-fired power cogeneration plant and as a manufacturer of bio-ethanol.

To ensure sustainability of the business, URC SURE works closely with and supports the sugarcane farmers from planting to harvest, including the marketing of the sugar and molasses produced from their canes. This enables the farmers to continue planting sugarcane as their main source of income; thereby assuring URC SURE of supply of canes for the next crop seasons.

Aware of its social responsibilities to the community surrounding its plants, URC SURE continues to upgrade its facilities with technologies that not only provide energy saving values but also ensure a safe, healthy and environment-friendly operations.

Flour and Pasta Division

Our Flour division is one of the top flour millers in the Philippines with the milling capacity of 1,550MT per day from its Manila and Davao plants.

We manufacture and sell hard and soft wheat flour in both commercial and institutional markets. Hard flours are branded as UNIVERSAL, GLOBE First Class Flour, and Blend 100 Flour. Brands under the soft flour category are MY ROSE and SAMPAGUITA. Specialty flour brands include CONTINENTAL All-Purpose Flour, DAISY Cake Flour, FibrA+ Whole Wheat Flour, and NOODELICIOUS Noodle Flour.

Also, we offer flour by-products such as wheat germ, bran, and pollard. We also commercially sell our very own pasta product line, El Real, with variants such as spaghetti, macaroni, flat spaghetti, and bundle packs. Yakap Sarap is an El Real bundle pack that comes with spaghetti 900g and El Real’s own sweet style sauce. In addition, El Real was the first pasta brand to introduce a healthy line of pasta with real malunggay and carrot bits. Moreover, El Real pioneered the launch of a multi-colored salad macaroni named Party Pasta.

Key Highlights

In 2019, the initiative of further expanding in the value-added segments of the hog meat market will be completed with the operation of the new meat processing plant (to open 3rd quarter of 2019) that will produce staple Filipino favorites like Tocino, Longganisa, Bacon, and many more products that will expand the Robina Farms product line.
2019 is expected to generate higher volume of feeds as the feedmill plant expansion in both Luzon (San Miguel, Bulacan) and Visayas (Consolacion, Cebu) would have been finished, adding a capacity of 20MT/Hr and 10MT/hr, respectively. Furthermore, new products in the companion animal segment is also scheduled to be launched this coming 2019.
For 2018, an expansion project in SONEDCO increased capacity of 4,000 tons, making URC-SURE’s new combined milling capacity to 39,500 tons of sugar cane.
In 2018, we expanded our milling capacity in Pasig by 300MT per day. In 2019, URC Flour is set to continuously expand and develop by tripling our production in Davao with an additional 600MT capacity per day.
Another milestone of URC Flour and Pasta Division for 2018 is the digital transformation of El Real Pasta packaging system to full automation using robotic equipment. This initiative not just optimized pasta packing operations, but also enhanced product quality and safety.
Special Feature

Launch of Robina Farms Processed Meats

We recently launched our new line of processed meat products to widen our value-added branded portfolio under Robina Farms brand. Our products cater to households who are looking for more choices in high quality processed meat such as Tocino, Honeycured Bacon, and Skinless Longganisa. Our product quality adheres to the highest standards of Robina farms, ensuring that it is family-safe, free from Antibiotic Residue and Hormones. Robina Farms processed meat products are homegrown hogs from our very own Robina Farms and slaughtered in our AAA certified abattoir.

Did you Know?
ROBINA FARMS is the only certified “NO HORMONE, NO ANTIBIOTIC RESIDUE” in the Philippines today undergoing monthly certification by the National Meat Inspection Services.
OUR FLOUR PRODUCTS are being used as raw materials to produce Jack n’ Jill snacks like Quake Overload, Magic, and so on. 40% of our total sales volumes are sold to URC’s Branded Foods Business (BCF). Within BCF, the majority of the volumes are being sold to the Philippine domestic business, and the remaining 24% are being sold to URC’s international affiliates as part of URC Flour’s export products.
BAKER JOHN CARROT PANDESAL aims to expand the current product range of Baker John bread by offering a healthy and easy alternative to everyday breakfast meals. Baker John Carrot Pandesal is the first in the market to combine the popular Filipino staple with real carrot bits in a deliciously convenient package. Rich in Vitamin A. Available in selected Robinsons, Ministop and other supermarkets in Luzon
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